Sunday, August 3, 2008

I Have To Make Some Changes Here On The Upside

Anyone that has visited my site over the past year, has been along for the fabulous ride I have had here at On The Upside - and I thank all of you!

My readership has grown tremendously and I have made so many great friends and met so many wonderful women and fellow bloggers. I am very grateful for the time that people take out of their busy days to come by my site(s) to read my stories and leave their heart-felt comments.

As most of you are aware, I receive lots of comments on my posts every day. And, I know you are aware of this - as you are probably one of the people that leaves me comment after comment after comment.

I - like most bloggers - enjoy receiving comments. It is our way of hearing what people think about our stories - our ideas - our writing - our families. It is very rewarding and it - above all else - is our link to one another. It's how we connect and bond and form relationships.

I - for nearly a year - have written on my blog almost every single day. My archives show that I have 431 posts. About 50 of those are drafts - yet to be published. The rest are stories that I have written and posted for my family and friends and new readers to read. That is a lot of writing and publishing for me - and ... that has been a lot of reading and commenting for you!

For nearly a year - I have responded to every single comment ever left on my site. There have been a few days, recently, where I was unable to visit, but before those days - I never missed a day where I would go back and visit anyone that left a comment on one of my posts. Some days 50 sites - some days 80 or more. And ... often - I would and do visit other sites on those days as well. On any given day - I probably visit 100 or more sites and leave comments on every one. I read posts and I comment. I've gotten to where I read very fast and I have gotten to where I do all of it very fast.

I have a system. If my system is running smoothly - I am able to keep up and it does not interfere much with the other duties, obligations and routines of my daily life. REALLY! I work the blogging in during the hours during the day that I can (early morning - late morning - mid afternoon and late evening) - usually about 4 times a day, I sit down and blog for at least an hour. Because I write my posts well in advance and keep them in my drafts - I am not necessarily pressured to write/publish - I just go to my drafts and pull a post that I want to publish for the next day. I do spend time writing posts - but usually I will write 3-4 posts at a time - leave them in my drafts and then I won't write again for 3-4-5 days later. This helps a lot.

This is what my daily spiral looks like:

These are two full spirals that I happened to have kept - but, there have been MANY more filled spirals over this past year.

What I do is write down the commenter's names on that day's post and then I go visit their site and when I have left a comment, I mark them off. I do this everyday.

I tell you all of this because I am considering changing the way I do things.

I love visiting other sites - I DO! I have done it for so long and visited so many, that it is not only a habit that is hard to break - but, if I don't visit some one's site for a while, I find that I miss them - feel left out of the loop - left out of what is going on in their lives.

But ... I am going to cut back on the number of sites I visit everyday. And, it's not because I don't want to visit - it's because I just can't keep doing it at this rate and pace.

I hope that people are coming to my site to read my stories. I hope that people actually DO read my stories. That is why I am writing them - for myself, my family and also for other's to enjoy.

I hope people feel that I have been a good friend - a loyal friend - as, I have worked VERY HARD at building relationships with a lot of people and it has taken a lot of time and effort.

I hope people don't just come to my site because they know I will come back and comment on their site.

I hope people will still come to my site and read and comment - even if - on that day - I can not get back to their site and read and comment.

I still plan to visit sites and comment (I am a COMMENTER - I like to leave comments) - I am just not going to do it like I am doing it now - to every single person that leaves me a comment - every single day.

Some days, I might do that - if I feel like it and have time. But - on days when I have too much going on or just don't feel like visiting every site - I am no longer going to do that.

I am sure I will lose readers because of this change - but, I hope not.

I will continue to write my stories on this blog and over at On The Flipside and I hope everyone continues to come and visit.

At the BlogHer conference I went to in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago, someone said to me, "Why do you do it? You don't have to do it."

I don't know how not to do it. I've always done it. I have so many people that are simply - true friends and I don't know how - nor do I want to - cut them out of my time and my life.

One last thought.

I'm very aware that not everyone wishes me well - enjoys my blog(s) or its success - cares a thing about supporting me - REALLY (the BlogHer conference - meeting bloggers I thought were friends - proved that - even though I sensed it - knew it, already). For those people - this is a moment I'm sure they have been waiting for. Wanting to see if my blog is really capable of sustaining itself - through my stories - through my writing - because people actually like it - and not merely because I reciprocate comments.

It might very well - crumble, and I might very well lose lots of readers - but ... I have complete confidence that I offer more than just friendship here at On The Upside and On The Flipside. I am confident in my writing and in my story telling. I am confident that even if I lose some readers - I will eventually gain others. I could be wrong. Only time will tell.

Thank you and I hope to continue to see and hear from you here On The Upside and hope you know that I will visit/comment when I can.

Also ... If you have time - go over to On The Flipside (my other blog) and enter my weekend contest.

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Dawn said...

I'm sure not going anywhere! I appreciate you friendship, and I do love it when you visit my blog but that's not why I read your blog. Your stories are wonderful and you're an amazing writer. I'm glad for your sake that you're taking a bit of the pressure off yourself. That's a whole lot of blogs to keep up with and I think most people will understand.

Jocasta said...

I do love your comments! But I'll still be a reader whether or not you comment!

I would hope that most people will understand and it won't change your readership to much - maybe your comment count but not your readership!

Dad said...

Well said, Just hang in there Kel.

Kathryn said...

I feel the same way. It is so difficult to keep up. I am still commenting on everyone's sites just not EVERY DAY like I had been doing. It is just too overwhelming.
I completely understand. :)

Amanda said...

I'll continue to read your tales about your family, i enjoy reading about your children and it makes me laugh as i have 4 myself!
I'll come back and see you later Kellan!

dani said...

kellan, when i first came to your site i read that day's blog. i liked it so well that i took my laptop, crawled into bed with katherine, and read ALL your "little billy" stories aloud to her that night.
she and i laughed and laughed (she and i think little billy's a hoot, but you already know that;)!!! since, by category we have (together/separately) read your whole blog... not because we expected you to reciprocate but because we found your stories to be so endearing.
it kind of feels like you, your alexis, chloe, courtney, little billy, big billy, and "the queen" are all an extension of our family!!! we love and care about you and yours:D
i think you have made a very wise choice in cutting back; i don't know how you have done it this long.
ours are two blogs that you can visit as often or seldom as you like; but know we are fans of the upside/flipside gang. and we will continue to read you daily as it is a pleasure!!!
have a wonderful sunday, kell:)

scrappysue said...

i love comments too, but there's a limit and you have a HUGR blogroll! i love that you take the time to come visit. all the best with the new blog too!

Rebecca said...

I think you are so right to do this. I have loved every comment you've ever posted on my blog, but I can't even imagine the time this takes you each day. You won't lose this reader!

Amanda said...

It was wonderful of you to share your 'system'. I always wondered how you managed to leave a comment on my blog and so many other blogs. And, I totally understand how it must sometimes gets overwhelming.

I love visiting your blog and do so because I like your stories and insight. Not because you always leave me a comment. Yes, I like those too but its not the only reason why I come here.

Sally said...

When we stretch ourselves too thin, we lose authenticity. I can usually tell when someone leaves a comment on my blog whether it's "for real" or simply because I've left a comment on theirs.

I don't think you'll lose any readers, Kellan; you're interesting, have an interesting life. When I began blogging, it wasn't for comments; it still isn't. But, I have made some nice friends - just like in "real life" it's better to have a handful of people who care than a truckload of "numbers".

God bless; do what you have to! I wish you well.

Kaci said...

Wow that is a system! No biggie here I'll still come visit you! :) XOXOX i love on the flipside too!

Amy said...

Remember in "Field of Dreams" (one of my favorite movies) the famous saying, "If you build it, they will come?"

Well, Ray Kinsella had plenty of "naysayers," but he knew what he was supposed to do, and he did it......And the people, in fact, did come.:)

They will still keep coming to you too, friend.:)

And I am one of those people!

God Bless,

Karen said...

I'll still be checking you out. You're on my blog roll after all. I like reading little slices of your life.

Mary Beth said...

You should not feel that you HAVE to comment on a person's blog and anyone who leaves because you can't do it anymore isn't worth having as a reader. (God, I sound like my mother!) Anyway, I'll keep coming back because I rarely have time to leave comments so I've pretty much been lurking all this time. Besides, if you spend all your time commenting, you won't notice anything going on around you and then all that blogger fodder will have gone to waste:)

Nancy said...

Your blogs are 2 of my new fav reads since I met you at BlogHer.

I'll be here and ^5 for you being able to have kept that pace.

Never feel you have to leave a comment ... just keep in touch!

Kelly said...

I think a lot of bloggers have a similar situation. I come to your blog because I enjoy reading it. I certainly don't expect a comment every time. I think it's wonderful that you are so considerate of everyone that leaves comments but I'm sure everyone understands if you can't always respond.

Queen of My Domain said...

I love reading your blog and will keep on reading it. I don't know how you've kept up with it all so far. And I know your blog won't crumble now that your not commenting on every single visit. That just seems crazy to me for you to even think it.

Have a Great Day!!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

Paper lists? Do I see paper? ARGH. There's your trouble. I just go back through my comments when I have time and follow links left by new commenters. For the repeat commenters, I put them in my Google Reader. (Or I put in someone that a blogger I read has featured or to whom she has pointed me.) Jenn at Juggling Life got me going with it a while back and it saved me. Now, I just check in when I see that there is a new post. Does this help or is this old info, you already have a system, and I'm a dumb butthead? Let me know next weekend.

Little Sweethearts said...

Kellan, you must have totally flipped (wink, wink)!

All bloggers know how much times it takes to keep up a blog (let alone two or three!), visit others and leave comments while also running a household. Of course it's nice to see that people come back after you leave a comment, but one shouldn't expect that every single time. It is nice to know that they keep in touch and a comment from time to time makes me feel 'loved'.

I'll still be back, sometimes lurking, sometimes commenting.


tammy said...

I love reading your blog, and have since the first day I stumbled upon it! It makes me sad that their are people out there hoping you'll fail. I was quite impressed at how you'd always leave a return comment, but completely understand how impossible it is, with the amount of people you have reading yours nowadays. I love when I get a comment, but I'm not into blogging just for the comments. It's a way to journal my life, share funny stories, and keep in touch with my friends and family.

So I'll keep reading, and leaving comments, and just feel extra lucky if I receive a Kellan comment!

Julie said...

I have some friends who don't have time to visit all their reads every day. So they set out certain days to blog hop, and then assign certain friends to those days. It works well for them, and they get to visit blogs once a week. :D

Suzanne said...

Don't worry -- I come here for your wonderful stories and YOU!

Eagles' Wings said...

How do you do it EVERYDAY? Hats off to you! I can't do it everyday.. 100 websites. Thanks for coming to my site in the past. Hope you enjoyed reading my post too ;-)

Kel said...

Blogging can be hard work, it is definitely a time suck when life is hectic (and we all know there are those days) but yes, you are a wonderful storyteller and I'm sure despite your changes, people will continue to support your writing efforts. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Kellan!

Stella said...

I don't always comment but when I do it's because I've connected in some way to your words!
I love both your blogs!

Leah said...

I read daily whether you come and comment or not (and not that I'm counting or anything, but it's been about two weeks since you have... LOL!!! just giving you some friendly "crap" Kellan, you know I adore you and your humor and your stories). I can barely keep up with the ten or so blogs I read regularly, so it blows my mind you've managed to keep up with 60-80 on a regular basis... That's a lot of work, even if it IS fun. I doubt you'll lose very many readers over this Kellan. I think everyone understands that there is only so many hours in the day!


You must be a very busy woman! That's a LOT to keep up with.
I'll still be reading!

tammy said...

And another thought...those that are hoping you'll fail, are only jealous of your success.

the dragonfly said...

I don't get here every day (I don't get to ANY blogs every day!) but I'll still be here when I can. :) I love your stories!

Rachel said...

It is so funny but I just wrote a post about blogging comments. Regardless I do love reading your blog and I will miss your comments-as you have such insights. Thanks

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

I am here for the long run no matter what. I love reading your stories and feel like I know you and your family IRL. Keep doing what you do and know that those that love you will still be here.


Helen E.M. Wright said...

I'll still be checking in! :)

Cindy said...

Since I don't have a blog I guess that makes it easy for us : )
I think your dad and I are the only two readers who don't have our own blogs!
I read your words daily along with laughing leah's and a few others.
You are part of my daily routine over coffee in the AM. I enjoy every word you write. Some days I can relate, and I comment.
It surprises me that some writers keep track of who comments and who doesn't and how often.

kim-d said...

Okay, Kellan Renee. I didn't even read any of the other comments before I hustled down here to leave mine. And I'm not just blowin' smoke at ya in order to win the contest over at On The Flipside, either (although if it would work, I'd gladly do it--BWAHAHA!). Now, listen to me--because you and me? We go way back. And I am a person who wants only good things for you, not only in the blogsphere, but all the way around.

First, I'm gonna say something that might not make some people real happy--and I don't care because I mean it. Whoever the less-than-nice people (read, TROLLS) at the BlogHer Conference were? They can kiss not only your tushy, but all of the tushies of your friends, too. Because I do not care who these people are or how "successful" their blogs are, a rude troll is a rude troll is know what I mean.

Second, you do what you can do on any given day. I'd rather come here and read one of your stories than have you feel obligated to leave me a comment, if ya know what I mean. I know you will get around to me, and THAT'S FINE! There are times I can't leave you a comment, either, but that just means the next day I will. Or something like that; you know what I mean! Short version? I'm here. Then, now, and tomorrow.

Third, I saw my name in the first picture of your spiral. YAY! BWHAHAHAHA...

You have yourself a good day, Kellan Renee!

Chrissy said...

I think you'll be surprised to find that you're readers will stay. They will continue to read because they love your stories and your warmth. You may see a dip in comments, but that doesn't people aren't still reading.

I honestly don't know how you've kept up as you have with everything. I couldn't do it. I've just in the past few months gotten to the point where I realized that I didn't need to comment on every blog in my reader or every commenter in my posts. And my stats haven't changed. Even though I get very few comments, I know people are still there reading.

So, don't worry about a thing! Just keep on writing funny and touching stories and the rest will take care of itself!

Pregnantly Plump said...

I love reading your blogs and cannot imagine how much work you have to put into both of them. I will certainly continue reading both regularly.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I don't have quite the system you do, and I don't respond to every comment, but I do read the blogs of everyone that visits me on at least an occasional basis.

I know I'll have to make some adjustments once summer is over also. I have the same hopes you do, but in the end the stories on my blog are mainly intended for my family (the ones here now and the ones in the future) to know me better.

Tabitha said...

I will still be visiting!!
Love your blog!!
love and hugs XXXXXx

Angie @ KEEP BELIEVING said...


I hear you on this one. This sujmer, I have curbed my posting, my reading and my commenting. I will say that my readership has definitely died down some, but I don't care. This isn't a job. This is a hobby. This is something that needs to be prioritized in my life with everything else. As with anything in my life, when it takes away from my family and my God, and when it feels like more a chore than a pleasure, it needs to be re-examined.

If someone is sitting around waiting for you to fail, don't waste an ounce of energy or a single spare thought for them. They will still be there waiting for you to fail in no matter what you do, but you won't be worried about it.

Besides, we all know as bloggers, we do care a bit about readership and comments. That is part of why we do it and why we check comments as much as we do. Yes, gaining comments and readers comes from commenting on others at first. You may lose a comment or two here or there, but I don't think it will be much. You've worked hard to create what you have here at On the Upside.


rthling said...

I have often wondered how you kept up with all of us. Mystery solved. I'm actually sorry that you felt like you needed to comment each time I commented on your blog. (maybe that's a little strong. I'm sure you know that it wasn't needed, but that it was the nice thing to do.) Don't get me wrong, I've been honored that you spent the time to come check out my little world, and left me a message. But the truth is, I've been reading your blog every day, sometimes more than one time, and haven't felt the need to comment each time I visit. So if you do happen to drop by, I am proud to have you. But don't tax yourself and feel the need to comment every time you are there. Sometimes just getting to enjoy what someone says without the need to respond is relaxing. So do enjoy the fun of visiting but leave the notebook in the desk.
And know that I will be here every day, even if I don't say a word.
We love you!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kellan, I'm amazed that you have kept up with this schedule for SO long! And you know what...we all struggle with this comment thing in blogworld. I feel badly too that I cannot go & visit everyone who comments on my blog all the time. It's just not possible & I've given myself permission to not try to keep up with it all. I visit when I can & comment when I can. And people still come by! So, just know that those who love your blog will still come by just as often, you can take the pressure off yourself. No one can do it all! Breathe and's great that you are letting go of it all. It will be just fine. I don't come by here all the time, but I do enjoy your stories a lot.


Carol said...

Found you via Kim (Lifeafter) and glad I came to visit! I, too, am the mother of four -- including twins! And I, too, love working for non-profits. (I work for a Big Software Company in Redmond now -- grrrrr -- but also worked for their Foundation sister in Seattle and a few other non-profits.)

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!


joan said...

Hi Kellan,

What a great post! I just like to read your stories and completely understand where you are coming from. I read so many blogs and I feel bad if I don't get to everyone's but real life in the real world makes it hard sometimes. I don't feel anyone has to come and visit me just because I comment on theirs, there are plenty of times when I just want to read someone's blog and not comment. I totally appreciate your honesty as always. Take care.

Andrea said...

You have gone WAY above and beyond as a blogger, in my opinion. Heck, I don't even reply to every comment I get, and I only average 15 comments per post! It all takes time, and time is precious.

I will often read people's blogs almost daily, but will maybe only comment once a week or so (this is also partially due to the fact that I have a slow computer, and it takes even longer than what it should).

What it comes down to is that blogging shouldn't be an obligation. That's what I've decided for myself recently too. I will blog when I want, visit others when I want, and comment when I want.

I think most people understand, Kellan.

Jason said...

First of all...I REALLY like your layout and graphics in On the Upside.

I also like your check-off system you've been using.

And, if you are a good writer, your blog will sustain itself. Especially now that you have so many readers.

And I'll be back....

Michelle said...

Kellen - I totally get it. I struggle to get through reading my list of blogs, and I know I don't comment everywhere as often as I feel like I should. But hey -- your life is about you! And you've got to do what works for you. I have people who comment on my blog who I don't particularly get or enjoy, and I don't read their blogs after awhile, and there are blogs I read regularly where the authors don't read my blog (so far as I know) but I enjoy them so I read them. And so it goes....

Belle said...

Don't you worry ONE BIT. I know I'll keep reading (and commenting)and so will lots of other people.

Tanja said...

I am not going anywhere. Your blog is beautiful and I love when I scroll down my sidebar and get to yours. I always wonder what type of story you have written. You always manage to make me nod my head in agreeance, or laugh out loud.

Commenting is a big job in and of itself. You have a fabulous following because you have worked hard. I love to see your comments but I too, will continue to write and document my family and other randon stuff. However, know that I'll have a smile on my face when I see you every now and again!

bren j. said...

I saw my name! I saw my name on your list! I feel so special!

That said, I won't feel at all bad if you don't say 'hi' back every time I leave a comment. That's one of the reasons I don't post every day....but then I don't have 80 readers either. ;)

You've got FOUR kids, Lady! I have no idea how you find time to do so much! You deserve a rest!

And I'm waiting to hear how The Girls liked all your movies. :)

Kelli said...

I so get what your saying. I have had to also cut back and then just do reading catch up when I can. Our lives go on. Please know your a special person to me and I look up to you and enjoy your blog and LEARN from you in so many ways. Thanks. Kelli OH and if I ever get to your neck of the woods, I am going to meet you somewhere with a cupcake.

Kathy and Carl said...

Well, I think that the changes are positive. You are smart to realize that you can't respond to every single comment, and yet, with your limited time, you have been such a great commenter and encourager to me on my blog. It's great to get the comments on the blog, but for me, I know there are tons of people who read who don't leave comments, and that's just fine. I enjoy reading your blog and your funny stories, and your touching ones.

Good for you Kellan, I think you are making a good move. And I enjoy and will continue to read your stories.

MamáChanga said...

Oh gosh! I didn't even realize that's how you did things, that is A LOT of work. I totally understand you cutting back. I visit sites every day and sometimes I comment, sometimes I don't, but I don't do it because I expect them to come visit me and comment back (although I do love it when they do). I, for one, will continue to stop by and read your posts.

Hugs & Blessings!

Nadine said...

I enjoy coming here and will continue. I'm just very busy with edits and other things I will be blogging about that will take a lot of my time. I will still come though. You have a pleasant day.

Donna said...

Sweetheart...In order to have something to Write about, you have to have.... Lived it....Sitting behind the computer for most of the day is Not living. I keep a notebook as well, swearing, to my gasping last breath, that if someone is Kind enough to "read" me, I must respond! You Know that feeling...Waking up in the night thinking..."OhMyGod!!! I forgot to reply to Jose's comment!!".....LOLOL....Geez....See what I mean?? That's not living the stories.....Happiness is Living...You have formed Many close and loving relationships with So many people. Trust what you've built! We Love a damn good Read...and it's Here!lolol.....Now knock it off and go swimming, or go make us all some fudge....Now I need coffee....See What you've Done?????LOLHahaha...Night sweet sugar!

Anna said...

I saw my name in your spiral notebook! Awwww!

I come to read here because it's like chatting with you over tea...I'll keep coming back whether or not you have time to come see me!

Laura said... cannot shake me off that easy - I LOVE reading your stories. Hope you do come visit the Fringe from time to time, I value your comments, but I TOTALLY understand how time consuming and crazy this blogging thing can be!!!

See yo uon the up side and the flip side my friend!

PS - hope you are enjoying movie night!!!

Ellyn said...

I will keep reading. Your stories are a hoot.

Brittany said...

wow! What a system! I am truly impressed!! :)

You do what you need to do to stay sane!! haha. I don't think anyone would hold that against you!!

Kami said...

Oh Kellan, I don't come here just because you always leave me a comment!! I come because we have gotten to know each other and like each other and I happen to LOVE your stories... um when is that book coming out anyway?!

It was wonderful of you to leave a comment every time I commented but I always thought, wow, how does she do it? Now I know! Lists, that I can relate to.

I will continue to come because I like your stories and I hope you will drop by my site too, for the same reason when you can!


And those people you refer to, they are just JEALOUS. Plain and simple.

Outnumbered2to1 said...

I never felt the need to comment on people's blogs who comment on mine. I guess, I want my blogs to stand on their own and not have readers simply because I commented on their blog. My comments are low but my traffic is very good. It works for me and I know it will work for you. I enjoy your blog immensely and I'll keep coming back.

Amanda said...

I will always be a loyal reader, regardless if you get a chance to read mine or not! You are on my daily read list (when I can, just like you) so I will be here for you no matter what :)

I still have to check out your NEW blog too!

MamaGeek said...

HOLY CRAP bud. You weren't kidding when you said you had a system. I feel like so unorganized now.

I so feel ya and know all will be well. You may lose some, but not the ones that matter! :)

Rachel said...

Kellan, your words stand on their own.
I have continued to be amazed at your ability to reciprocate comments.
I'll read and comment regardless.
And I do wish you the best :-)

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Kellan, I have always thought it was amazingly generous of you to visit every blog that had a comment on yours. Awesome, really. I wondered how you could do it. But I also thought it was never an obligation for you to do so. It was just really nice of you to do it.
I will still be visiting your blog. Your posts are fun to read. You arrange your time however you need to. I'll still be around. (I'm enjoying Flip Side too, btw :-)

Hyphen Mama said...

I always wondered how you made your way around. Now I know! It's a SYSTEM.

I read and comment on only 30 or so blogs and often times I feel that it's taking way too much time out of my children's lives. Granted, my kids are younger and more needy than yours. But I've decided not to take on any more, even though I know there are amazing writers out there that would make me laugh and make me think. I just can't justify it when it's taking time from my little ones.

Good for you. And after all, it's more about you and your family than anything else.

Brenda said...

I love visiting my blog buds and, more often than not, I comment when I do, but I also understand what you're saying about there just not being enough time to do all the things you want to do, and visiting every favorite blogger every day is sometimes just not possible. I come here because I so enjoy your sense of humor, your wisdom, and your honesty. Have fun with what you do so well Miz Kellan, that's the most important thing, and I'll keep visitin'.

Denise Wheeler said...

I love reading your blog so I am not going anywhere. The first time I came to your blog and commented I didn't expect to get a comment back from you on mine. Frankly, I don't know how you have managed to keep up. I have very few blogs that I visit and I certainly don't comment every time I go to them. I don't even comment on yours everyday. Just wanted to let you know that I absolutely enjoy your blog and I am not going anywhere.

Ann(ie) said...

You're stuck with me. ;) But, I so understand. It is VERY time consuming. My list of blogs have grown so much that I comment once or twice a week anymore if that and I used to try (like you) to comment much more. It's hard!! I love your writing style and I love your blog!!!

Adrian said...

I love reading all your blogs and I was always surprised that you found the time to leave me such frequent comments. Being the organized person that you are, I figured you must have some kind of a system, but I feel bad that you were spending so much time running around posting all these comments.

My feelings aren't going to be hurt if you don't visit quite as often. I do hope that you will pop by once in a while though. I don't have a whole lot of readers and you are one of my favorites!

Jacki said...

I for one will continue to read!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I always wondered how you did it!

I can't believe people were rude to you at BlogHer! I'm sure they are just jealous.

I think your blog will continue to be successful whether you comment or not!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a site so don't worry about me. I'll still be here. Everyday. :) Even though I seldom comment, I always come and read. Margie

Darla said...

No way I'm going anywhere! I've come to look forward to reading your blog because your writing inspires me. It's very, very well-balanced. There's a good mix of pure clean storytelling with a twist of refreshing twistedness (only in a good way), wry humor, honesty and sweetness...with a pinch of spice always! And you sure don't have to comment on my blog! I always enjoy the visitors I do get and their comments but that's not why I blog or read others' blogs!!! :) KEEP WRITING for heaven's sake!

Catizhere said...

I will continue to check in at BOTH sites and I always enjoy getting comments from you!

Debbie said...

Ah ha! I was wondering how you did all that you have written today...I'm really surprised when I see a comment from you because I seriously was concerned you weren't spreading yourself WAY too thin. I'm a reader and if you have time to visit, fine, if not, I'll still read :) You go girl!!

Sandra Carvalho said...

I hear you girl!Don't you worry about me! ;)I'll be always around!
xoxoxoxo *muack*

Courtney said...

I am so glad you wrote this out because I have noticed that there have been days when you won't stop by which just isn't you. Now that I know your thoughts behind it I am not sitting here wondering if you're mad at me or if I said something wrong. If you go weeks without at least saying, "I was here," I won't lie, I will be mad, but I will still read because I am addicted.

You are wonderful Kellan!

Monogram Queen said...

Totally understandable.... I love your writing.
I really hate to visit any new blogs because I know i'll be hooked and want to keep my blogroll manageable. I do still try to respond to all comments and visit all of the blogs on my list every day. It's a daunting task!

Marmarbug said...

I will still be here!!!! I love your blogs. And poo to the people that are negative!

common mom said...

I'll still visit! I lurk on a lot of sites . . . I enjoy reading the posts, but don't always feel the need or have the time to comment. I comment a lot, but not all. the. time.

Keep writing - I enjoy you and your writing!

My Wonderful Men said...

If I had as many comments as you did goodness I know I couldn't keep up with it.
I think your faithful readers will stay with you.

melanie said...

I completely understand what you are doing. I have done the same thing recently. While I don't have nearly as many comments as you- between the three sites I use I get quite a few. And I have recently cut back too- I still visit all of my favorites I just can't do it everyday anymore. I just respond based on the email alert I get letting me know someone left me a comment. I don't delete the email until I've visited the other person back- that's how I keep track.

Denise said...

Hi Kellan. Don't sweat it so much. I am a person who reads your blog and every other blog I read, because I enjoy reading it and not because you or someone else might read my blog and comment. I'm very happy when you do read me and send me a comment but I don't expect it every day, and I won't quit reading you because you may skip me. It's ok. You are very sweet to worry about people's feelings. You are a sweetheart!
Take care and stop by when you can. I'll be here for you.

Heather said...

I read you for you. Your comments are nice and welcome, but in no way influence my love of your blog and your stories.

Joanna said...

I'm not going anywhere. Comment when you can or even if you feel like it. I love getting to know you and your family.
And I know my long winded rants can slow a system down! I really need to learn to shorten those posts. :)

Maggie - Mom of Six said...

Comment when you can! I can't not come here as I really enjoy your stories and relate to way too many of them!

E said...

I read more than I comment. I thought everybody did. Do you always comment when you read? I couldn't possibly visit that many blogs a day. It was a heroic effort and it is time you concentrate on the writing. You are a wonderful stroyteller. I wlll keep reading, because it's fun.
And because I have to keep up with Little Billy...

Elaine A. said...

I have absolutely no idea how you have done this for as long as you have. I remember thinking when I first started commenting here, "dang that lady replies to all my comments, I wonder if she does that for everyone!"

Thanks for all of your comment support Kellan, and since I am a "fan" of your blog you won't be losing me as a reader, I can guarantee that!

I'm just excited that I do believe my name was on your spiral! ; )

Journey of Truth said...

Ah, heck! Just do what you want. You've told us, and those who love you (count me amongst them) will keep coming back - we have figured out you really really care. :-)

God bless,

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I have been wondering how you continue to do all the commenting that you do as your readership has continued to blossom! It is a huge job! I find I am only commenting on my favourite blogs 2 or 3 times a week now, it is just so time consuming. I still read almost all the posts in my reader, but I just don't have enough computer time to do it all every day.
We love your warm Texas personality and your fun writing, your smile warms our hearts when we come here. I don't think you will lose many readers Kellan. As long as you attempt to keep some relationship with them, that is the main thing. We bloggers like to feel connected, that is why we do this.
I highly recommend using a reader and plugging in each person's blog that you want to visit and comment on. You can add categories like types of blogs or schedule of visits. Like put the days of the week as categories and split up your favourite blogs among the days and then you can go to that day, visit all of those blogs and leave the rest for another day.
I find it much easier to keep track of where I have visited by using the reader rather than a list.
Good luck Kellan, you will continue to be on my list of favourite reads!

Cheffie-Mom said...

I blog with you because I am passionate about celebrating the precious gifts that children are. And you seem to share that same hope for families. Perhaps you have read this on my video page. Or not -- maybe you only know me from my blog. Either way I wanted to let you know that you are the kind of woman I enjoy blogging with. Seriously -- it's why I do my food show. To give people such as yourself a platform to share their joy. Stay in touch. I'd love to hear from you again.

Steph said...

Wow you are bloggings version of superwoman! I love coming to your blog and reading your stories and while it is great to have the comments but I understand you can't keep up this pace and still have it be fun. So I hope you stop by once in a while because I love seeing you

yertle said...

I've been subscribed for a while now and have no plans to stop reading. To be honest, I find your boundary setting around this inspiring as I struggle to spend my time resource most effectively for me.

Bren said...

I'm not going anywhere even though I don't have as much time to come around like I used to. I love your stories and think the world of you!

OHmommy said...


I got to talk in person with you about this.

Dont stress about it. I have a new system. I have over hundreds of blogs in my reader and organized into folders. It is much easier this way, i am sure I am missing people. But I am human. ;)

Amy said...

No worries here. I have been away but am trying to get back in the loop. I hope you and your family are well. Take care.

bichonpawz said...

You've got a friend for life here, Kellan!! I will continue to read as often as I possible can...mostly daily....and comment if you can. No hurt feelings here. Pure understanding and I don't know how you did it for this long!! Love your new blog also!! Hugs, Jeanne

Tara said...

Your stories are always fun and positive. This is a great place to come for a smile. You can be sure I'll continue to stop back.

truth said...

Freedom! Free yourself from the tyranny of comments and the need to be even. You owe it to yourself.

Janet said...

I'll keep reading. I read several blogs whose owners have too many readers to respond to all comments. And I'm ok with that. I enjoy your stories and your insights. That's why I'm here to begin with.

THopgood said...

I read your blog because I enjoy your stories and I enjoy the way you tell your stories...I don't always leave a comment...and when I do leave a comment it's just to tell you that I'm still enjoying your stories...not just because I know you'll be by to visit and comment on my own blog.

You have WAY to many comments to be expected to visit each one. I can't believe anyone would expect that of you.

Smoochiefrog said...

I respond to every comment too. It isn't really hard for me as I don't have near the readers you do. I've had a couple of days where I struggled to keep up (SITS feature day), but I did. I get a sense of pleasure when I do. It makes me feel more connected to my readers.

Even if you don't visit me or respond to my comments, I'll still visit you.

Jaina said...

I always love your comments, you're always so nice and friendly and make me smile. But they are not the reason I keep coming back here. I love your stories and pictures and just your blog in general. I'm a huge fan of your new blog too. I do respond to all the comments on my blog, and if they happen to be from new people, I try to go over and read and comment on their blogs. I've found some of my favorite blogs that way.
But it's not all about receiving comments for me...I'll be here reading and commenting whether you do or not. Rest assured that I won't be offended in the least..we all get busy. I'm STILL trying to catch up on my blogs.
And to the people who only comment because they want comments? That just seems....selfish. Your blog is fantastic by itself, I doubt you'll have any trouble with readership.

Tia said...

I had no idea you comment on all blogs who leave you a comment, and it actually makes me feel bad that I gave you more WORK to do! I certainly never posted expecting you to comment in return. I just enjoy your stories and return to get a chuckle that brightens my day :)

Becky said...

Oy, you managed to keep that breakneck pace for as long as you did is a marvel. With an ever-growing readership, I can TOTALLY understand the need to draw the line somewhere...otherwise, blogging would become all consuming to the point of ignoring your family friends and other real-life obligations and commitments.

I totally understand this, and have slowly but surely been 'pulling back' some myself.

My own system boils down to categories on my reader...most are 'read only' blogs which I don't comment on because most of the authors enjoy a large comment influx already. I just can't 'get involved' any more without infringing on my family/household chore time, and excluding other endeavors that I also need to devote time and attention to.

The other blogs I continue to comment on regularly are those which I believe I have formed genuine friendships with the authors and/or really enjoy their sense of humor, etc.

It's certainly not going to hurt my feelings if you can't comment on every single post...but I'd be sad if I never ever heard from you again. Please just check in from time to time, lol?

My Goodness said...

Sounds fair, Kellan! Not everyone who reads your blog leaves a comment, I'm guilty of that. Sometimes I'm in the mood to READ, not 'talk'. It's a lot to expect of you when your have so many readers.

You do what you can...put your family first...and no one should fault you for that.

Sheri said...

Whoa doggy! You responded to every comment? Wow! I can't imagine that anyone would get upset if you just visited and didn't comment.
I have seriously had to cut back lately on blogging.

The Boyds Family said...

I honestly don't know how you find the time to do all of that anyway, Kellan.

I have trouble reading and posting a comment every single day on the 5 whole readers who visit my site - plus post stories. And, unlike you, I don't post a story every day. While my life is full of them, I just don't have enough hours to do all that PLUS sleep (which happens to be my favorite pass time).

I will still be around for your stories - they are wonderful! They make me laugh, they make me smile, they are uplifting and I enjoy them.

Wendi said...

I. can. not. imagine.
It is so hard to visit everyone.
I want to be like you when I grow up.
I come here because I like your style and your stories...not because you might come comment on my blog.
Sorry I have not been around lately...I have been on vacation and I was without a computer.
I am trying desperately to catch up.
Happy Monday!!!