found capture at 20130311205548 Sitemap I started spring cleaning this past week - I'm still in the thick of it.

I know - it's fall. I'm a bit behind on my seasons and ... I've been really behind on my cleaning and organizing.

So ...

I've cleaned closets and drawers.

I've cleaned cabinets and floors and base boards.

I've even cleared away some cob webs that were making themselves quite at home in the upper corners of most every room.

It's nice to get things more organized and haul those unused and unwanted items off to the dumpster and off to Goodwill. It's nice to make space in closets and drawers. It's nice to move some furniture, shake out the rugs and make the rooms clean and free of clutter.

I'm not done yet.

I don't think I will ever be done.

But ...

I have made a dent and I am pleased with the progress and pleased with the direction I am headed.

I saw on the news over the weekend that Utah is already getting snow.

In Texas - the On The Upside goblins are still slathering themselves with sunscreen, searching for lost goggles and spending afternoons in the swimming pool.

I'm not the only one confused about the seasons. I don't think it is uncommon for Texas or ... for all of us Texans ... to not let go of spring or summer - easily.

On the upside ... In the midst of all my spring cleaning - I was reminded that it IS actually October and so ... I dug out those darn orange and black witches and skeletons and pumpkins. There are even some spiders and goblins now decorating our tables. Alexis would never let her mom forget the holidays are coming - even if she had to help drag the Halloween decorations from storage - in her swimsuit.