found capture at 20101109044723 Sitemap Okay ... I have four kids and that equates to dealing with, over the years - a lot of poop. I mean, waaaay more poop than people should have to admit to dealing with. There were diapers for YEARS! There are toilets never flushed. There were accidents by toddlers (in pants and out of pants). There have been numerous constipation issues. I am and have been for years ... the POOP expert in our family.

Well ... since these children of mine have all pretty much reached the age where I am not dealing with their poop issues much, anymore - I figured I was free - finally! On the other side, of the issues of poop! Wrong!

Yesterday, I went into The Princess' bedroom and there on the carpet was ... a pile left by our STUPID DOG! Right there in the middle of the floor! Right there on my clean carpet! This dog had been outside for hours, but the moment we let her into the house for a little air conditioning, she pranced right up to my daughter's bedroom and crapped right on the floor. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH THAT STUPID DOG???

This dog of ours is a Pomeranian and she is too cute for words. She has this cute little face and furry little body. The Princess named her Barbie and we call her Barbie Dog. She is cute. She is waaaayy too cute to poop - especially anywhere inside my house and anywhere that I have to clean it up!

On the upside (and it's not easy to find an upside to poop) ... I have to admit that I was relieved that it was the dog and not The Princess that left this nasty present on the floor of her bedroom. Been there - done that!